Construction Expected Later This Month

Construction Expected Later This Month on New Manlius Fire House

MANLIUS, N.Y. — Manlius firefighters do this every day, but the simple act of backing a fire truck into Station One is challenging.

“If you make the slightest error in backing in the vehicle, you’ll take off the mirror or door. So it’s very tight here,” said Fire Chief Brad Pinsky.

Not just for the equipment. The tight space is limiting for both the volunteer and career firefighters who work and have to dorm here.

“Right now, nobody wants to hang out at this fire house,” Pinsky said. “There’s nowhere to sleep and nowhere to be.”

They found a solution — build a new fire house that is bigger and offers more which would replace the two they currently have. In a vote last year, taxpayers approved a $10.8million plan to build a state-of-the-art fire station along Route 92. It would replace the houses. Two were vacant and one was occupied.

“We bought all three properties,” said Manlius Mayor Paul Whorrall. “I think there’s close to four acres there that we’re working on. It will work out well for us because it will give us the room we need. It will give us some room for training.”

Whorrall, who used to be fire chief, said crews currently train in Auburn. Here, they’ll be able to stay in the area and train outside and indoors during the winter months. This station can be accessed from both roads that surround it as well. And the bays are drive-through.

Pinsky added, “It has enough garage space for our vehicles. It has bunk rooms, a gym … It’s what we need.”

The future home of the Manlius Fire Department isn’t centrally located in the village. However, the chief says the department responds to calls in Pompey, so this location is ideal for the fire coverage district.

“If you actually look at our territory that we serve, which is not just the village, but it is also a part of the town and part of the town of Pompey,” Pinsky said, “that firehouse becomes centrally located. And many of our volunteers live that way far more than live near this station.”

They already have, on average, a three-minute response time, and being here, he says, could make that even shorter. They hope to start work at the new location later this month. The new fire station is expected to be completed next July.