Public Education

The Manlius Fire Department believes that the best way to keep our community safe is to provide a multi-faceted Public Education program, assisting our community in becoming aware of how to avoid emergencies before they start. Our current Public Education program focuses not only on this awareness, but it looks to change our society’s views and personal behavior towards fire prevention and safety.


Fire Awareness & Fire Prevention

(taught to Fayetteville/Manlius School District Students)

This program delivers age appropriate fire awareness and prevention topics to K-12 classes throughout the Fayetteville/Manlius school system. This program includes, but is not limited to, general household safety, avoiding kitchen fires and related emergencies, proper use of fire extinguisher’s, the importance of having meeting places and escape drills in the home, fire behavior, characteristics of fire, and an in-depth look behind the chemistry of fire extinguishment.


Manlius Fire Department Explorer Post #526


Manlius Fire Department is also the host organization for Explorer Post #526. An Explorer post is an organization sponsored in part by the boy scouts of america, and adolescents age 14-20, to explore a possible career in the Fire and EMS Services. Many of the things that our explorers learn range from learning basic firefighter skills (hose advancement, raising and lower ladders, wildland firefighting, and firefighter safety) as well as exposure to EMS skills, and ambulance services.

Junior Firefighter Bootcamp

(A One-week Summer day-camp program for Fayetteville/Manlius School District Students)

During these 5 days, students are given the opportunity to do what Firefighters normally do, but in a controlled, safe, closely monitored environment. They operate fire hoses (using low pressures), learn how to deploy hoses, including actually attaching hoses to fire hydrants, learn about and wear Firefighter Turnout gear, learn CPR and First Aid, along with the importance of keeping themselves in good physical condition. We partner with other agencies to demonstrate their own areas of expertise including Manlius Police Department, Onondaga County Fire Investigation, Onondaga County Public Safety, and a local Medevac Helicopter operator. 




“Every 15 Minutes” Program


The “Every 15 Minutes” program is a Nationally Certified Program where Fire Departments work with High School students to help them recognize not only the dangers and consequences of drinking while driving, but how the decisions they make will have an impact on an entire community.  The Manlius Fire Department partners with the Fayetteville Manlius High School to bring this awareness to our students. In this two-day program, representative students from each Junior & Senior class are selected (with their Parent’s permission) to act as victims in a staged DUI accident.  The “accident victims” (students) are video taped in real life roles including a staged DWI accident, in which their fellow students will have the opportunity see first hand how the victims are rescued from a fatal crash.  The accident victims are also video taped being arrested, jailed and convicted at a court trial and being taken to a real Emergency Room to be treated for their injuries. 

The accident victims’ parents will participate as well, having to identify their child after an accident, watching as their child goes through a trial and going through the process of planning for a child’s funeral.  The entire event is videotaped and presented to the Junior/Senior student body.

Our 2014 Program Video


First Aid / CPR

To our adult community, we offer First Aid & CPR training certified by the American Heart Association. This training can include BLS CPR, Heartsaver CPR, and Heartsaver First Aid. This training is offered to any organization requesting it, based on availability of our certified instructors.